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Submitted on
December 13, 2012


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Submission Rules and Information (LISTED ARTISTS)

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 5:23 PM

*** This journal is for LISTED GUEST ARTISTS ONLY***

:new:Edit: Please remember the deadline is less than a month away! There's still artists yet to choose a category to be in. Remember it's first come first serve.


Artwork Specifications.

Theme: Our Earth

This theme will be divided into four subcatagories of colours; green, blue, red/pink and yellow/orange.
For this art book, we would like images depicting nature, our Earth.
Each artist will be catagorised under one colour, and must make the colour their main colour. However any shade of chosen colour is accepted.

:bulletgreen:Green could be images of forests, summer, spring, jungles, plains etc.
:bulletblue:Blue could be winter, oceans, skies, night, water, etc.
:bulletred:Red/pink could be sunsets, flower fields, volcanic environments, fire
:bulletyellow:Yellow/orange could be autumn, deserts, beaches

This book will primarily feature Australian artists, as well as International talent for guest artists.

We plan to make the colours gradually change throughout the book, so six artists will have the chance to have two main colours; Green-Blue, Blue-yellow, and yellow-pink One set of three will be from the Australian group, the other three from the International group.

Submission Guidlines:

Dimensions: (Portrait) 15.3cmx23.4 (Horizontal) 30.6x23.4cm. Please submit them as 300dpi and RGB
Format: PSD, TIFF or JPEG
Submitting: Do not upload it onto your gallery, but upload it on dA and note the link to the group

Once you've finished with your submission, please upload a preview that shows less than 40% of the overall image.

♦ All works must be original; no fanart is accepted, and each piece must be your work alone.

♦ Artworks must be in full colour with a background, but we will accept simple backgrounds. However exceptions can be made if your style is specialised in greyscale, but bg has to be at least in colour.

♦ Must have at least one human/creature/animal/character included in the artwork. Cannot be empty landscape/background

♦ Does not necessarily have to be a painting that depicts a scenery.

♦ Please don't include anything that may suggest fantasy or extraterrestrial backgrounds and landscapes. Fantasy creatures heavily based on real-life animals (excluding humans) are accepted (eg winged horse, alternate-coloured animals). No anthros, ogres, dragons, elves, magicians, chimeras accepted.

♦ Keep it PG- no gore, nudity, coarse language/gestures

♦ Because proceeds will go to RedKite, we thought it would be fun to include a little red kite in each picture; kind of like a spotting game. So every picture must have a red kite somewhere, could be as obscure as a tattoo/fabric pattern but must be distinct. We prefer if the kite is not part of the main focal point or concept in your illustration

♦ Cannot be a piece that has been created before the 13th December, and it must not be seen/uploaded.

♦ Any style is accepted; interpretation of the theme doesn't have to be literal and doesn't need to depict only 'nature'.

♦ A reminder that anything that exists on our Earth is allowed; this includes buildings, cityscapes, vehicles, marketplace etc.

We would like to see a draft if it's possible, but it won't be necessary. If you are unsure if your piece does not violate any of the rules, we recommend you to send us a draft.
Or if you have any questions hit us with a note or comment below!

Deadline: 31st August

We won't be strict about the colour of the characters, objects, but the overall picture must give off the impression of the colour you have chosen. Examples are available at the bottom of this page:…


♦ Nature
♦ Cityscapes and existing man-made structures
♦ unnatural physics
♦ outer space, since this technology ALREADY EXISTS (limit is Moon)
♦ Culture - this includes costume, festivals, (prefer not to have religion or politics)
♦ Pirates, warriors, archers, medieval period
♦ RPG-inspired costumes (design does not have to reflect historical)
♦ Theme parks, schools, workplaces, shopping malls, markets, train station etc
♦ You can make up your own landscape, but no alien vegetation and if there is a sky visible, it must be in it's natural colour (no viridian green skies please)
♦ Different coloured animals (does not have to be based on real breeds) but all animals must be heavily based on existing animals. Adding wings is allowed but humans are exempted from this.
♦ Winged humans/kitsunes/nekomimis are not allowed unless if it is visibly not a part of the actual anatomy

♦ (Black) Magic (illusionists based on real life 'magic' is allowed)
♦ Human and half-animal hybrid creatures including cryptids
♦ Sci-fi (technology that does not exist yet)
♦ Extraterrestrial landscape (meaning alien landscapes)
♦ Vampires, fairies, elves and such creatures
♦ Blood, anything that suggest injury, disfigurement and violence (The book is for children and families)
♦ Nudity
♦ and of course no fan art.

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Sakurabe Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Student Filmographer
Aww I would have LOVED to be apart of this! 
eumoir Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
slightly confused about the invite? hmm
GreyRadian Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013   General Artist
It's just an ad about our charity artbook :)
eumoir Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
oh okay
GreyRadian Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013   General Artist
mm unfortunately artist positions are already long closed, but if you would like to help out another way we've opened up preorders for the book, and purchases for this book is where it really helps, as 100% of the profits will go straight to the Redkite cancer foundation ^_^
eumoir Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
aahh alrighty i'll think about it then
tad low on cash myself though but i'll see if i can promote you guys
GreyRadian Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013   General Artist
Sure! Any help is appreciated :D
mano-k Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
am i an invited artist or a guest(i got an invite to become a member)but looking at some of the comments they say it's to either promote this group or either i am a guest artist,if i am a guest artist i was to submit in the contest right which ended on 10 july,but i got invited today that is  1 august so does this mean i have to submit the art as according to this journal
am i a part of (listed artists)
i have to confirm so i can start working on the drawing<33
sorry to bother u with this question
GreyRadian Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   General Artist
It was just a promotion sent to random people about the artbook. We are not inviting artists anymore (it should have said it wasn't an artist invite).
however we have four spots left if you wish to participate by donating $200 for our funds :)
Cetriya Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Student General Artist
oh and another question, I just only got invited today, so I get the aug 31st deadline? 
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